Rink Info

  • ​Rink Phone Number:  (408) 610-4055

  • Food or drink are not allowed past the entrance (except water)

  • Tables outside the rink are available on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Only paid admission (and guardians, if necessary) are allowed past the entrance

  • Children 13 and under must be supervised at all times by a parent or guardian 18 or older

  • Skate sizes range from a toddler 8 to men’s 15

  • Strollers are only allowed when the rink is not at capacity (per management discretion)

  • No in-and-out privileges

  • Restrooms are located on the plaza.  Please use the facilities on the plaza prior to entering the rink.

  • No lockers or secure storage on site.  Please do not bring valuables to the rink

  • Off-season skating – Try Sharks Ice at San Jose at 1500 South Tenth St. or call (408) 279-6000.


Getting Here


Hours & Admission




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$15: Ages 10 & younger, Seniors and Military

$17: Ages 11 and older

$10: Bring your own skates (adult or child)


  • Pay with Cash, Visa, Discover or Mastercard

  • Admission includes ice time and rental skates

  • Skate sizes range from toddler 8 to men’s 15

  • First-come, first-serve

  • Skate all you want. Sorry, no in-and-out privileges


Step by Step

Our goal is to get you onto the ice as quickly as possible. Here’s how to do it…

Start by bringing a backpack you can comfortably wear while skating to keep your valuables with you.  Leave the rest in your car prior to entering the rink. Sorry, no lockers.


Make sure everyone in your party is ready to skate.  And we mean READY! (take care of your bathroom business).  Sorry – no in-and-out privileges.  Allow for extra time in line during peak days and hours.

Follow the Entrance sign to the rink.

Step 1:


Check out the monitors that tell you about more of the great Downtown for the Holidays attractions.  Please read the disclaimer signs.  You must agree to the terms before you can skate.

Pay to skate.

Step 2:


At the skates pick-up window turn in one shoe for a pair of skates and a numbered tag. This numbered tag is the ticket to getting your shoe back later, so keep it in a secure place.

Bring a few pair of socks. Skate sizes range from a toddler 8 to men’s 15, more skaters means less available sizes. Half sizes are not offered, so if you decide to go up a size, make sure you have extra thick socks.

Pick out your skates.

Step 3:


Make sure your skates are nice and snug. Tuck the laces into your skates so they don’t get in the way.  Remember where you sat to put on your skates, because it’s likely the same place where you left your other shoe!

Put on your skates

Step 4:

helmet (1).jpg

If you have a bike or ski helmet, strap that on before you hit the ice.  Helmets are advised, but not required.

Safety First

Step 5:


Hold onto rails if you need guidance.

Time to skate

Step 6:


But be safe :)


Step 7:

getyourskates (1).jpg

Had enough? Bring back your skates with the laces tucked in and have your numbered tag ready to claim your other shoe.

Bring back your skates

Step 8:

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